Custom Build/Ordering

How we do business


If a customer wants a custom SPK guitar, these are our steps to make sure we accomplish the needs for your guitar.

1. We would like to know a bit about you in music like what kind of music you like, what kind of genre you listen to...etc. Also we would like to know what you want in your dream guitar.
2. Next, two skethces will be made, gather up how much it will cost, and then send this info to you by email.
3. After getting the O.K. of what design the customer wants, we will then build the guitar. The  process takes atleast 2-4 months or more depending on the guitar and how much work needs to be done.
4. After building it, we test the guitar making sure everything works. 
5. Finally, the guitar is done. The owner can pick it up or we can ship it for you for a fee. If the customer is in the range of three miles of Moorestown, New Jersey, we can drop it off with a fee.


For interior decorations and furniture, the steps below you is how we make furniture or decorations.

1. Tell us what you would like to have and show us pictures of the room you would like it in.
2. We will sketch the drawings out and you will pick which one you would like.
3. Depending on the product, most furniture (Cabinets, tables, desks) will be worked on for more than three months. It will depend on what you would like. For interior decorations (trays, bowls, spoons, etc), this will take around two or more weeks depending on what it is.
4. If you live anywhere between three miles of Moorestown, New Jersey, depending on how large it is, we can drop it off with a fee depending on size. Though, if it is large or over three miles, you or someone else will have to pick it up.

*Please note that each product will have a Copyright. This is for our protection against theft and others who will try to make our product.We will also need down payments on any product that is or products that add up to $100 or more. We have documents that will need to be signed. Please check our policies before ordering any items. 

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