Return Policy
SPK customs returns are not acceptable for any custom or products over $25. Manufactured items that are $25 and under can be returned anytime between the first day when payment was received to the third day. If any foul play, broken objects, or any wears that were not existent when purchased will not be accepted for return. Any Items that are acceptable for returns, there is a 20% restocking fee. Any items that need to be shipped back to SPK customs, there will be a shipping charge as well included with the restocking fee. Shipping and handling fees are non-refundable. Returns without a Receipt or Returns Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number may result in your credit being delayed or denied. Purchases on a credit card may only be exchanged or have a credit applied to the original amount charged. With RMA’s, please write as much detail of what happened and apply pictures of proof so that we can investigate the matter and decide if it’s acceptable. Any shipment that had caused harm, damaged, or destroyed cannot be returned. That matter would have to be called towards the shipper.
Custom Work Policy

Our goal is to make sure that your custom piece is exactly how you would like without having any problems later on. SPK customs needs a down payment when there is custom work based on cost of products needed for the project, space, and handling before any items are built which include prototypes and final build. Please review sketches and drawings of the piece. When down payment is paid, understand that if you, the customer, needed to change an idea or however redirects the project, SPK customs has the right to charge the customer more depending on the budget and what needs to be changed. The customer and SPK customs will work that out to make sure both parties are satisfied. If customer declines and sticks with the first plan, we will only build the first project that was already intended or decline project. If project declares decline, there is no refund for down payment, the project will be kept with us, we have the right to sell off the parts and will be a 20% fee for space and handling based on the down payment. During the final build and prototype stages, if we ask you questions regarding your project, we need your answer and critique it. After it is made, we cannot go back unless it is something small. If it is large, once again, we will have to add on to the final cost of the project and down payment. After the final payment, please understand there are no refunds. We can give you copies of receipts that were bought from the down payments, but understand that some objects like wood that was milled by SPK customs, will not have receipts.

Down Payment Policy
Down payments are for custom work or work being done and that does not include manufacture items. Down payment for SPK customs includes a charge of how much money it took to buy, and receive the materials. Each down payment will be added onto the final cost which will be decreasing the amount for the customer to pay. If a customer cancels the product they wished to be made, they cannot take back their money from the down payment cost nor receive their materials that we, SPK customs, have bought for their (customer’s) product.  Though, the cost of labor will not be added unless the item being built has been taken four or more months or years. Down payments will be taken place when SPK customs have spoken and agree with the customer of their satisfactory on what they want built.

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